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America's Shining Soprano

Blossom Rock

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Jeanette's Older Sister

Blossom as Grandmama in The Adams Family

scanned from MacEddy Today Magazine

Blossom Rock was born Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald on August 21, 1895 in Philideplpha Pennslyvania.  She was the middle daughter of  Daniel and Anna MacDonald, and older sister of Jeanette MacDonald.  She and Jeanette also had an older sister named Elsie.  In their younger years, all three sisters were trained in theater.


She went into acting and preformed along her sister in Vaudeville plays during the 1920s, and there she met her husband Clarence Rock whom she also preformed with. The two married in 1926. The two of them toured together preforming “Grand Hotel” and “Dead End”. Her performance  in the later caught the attention of MGM, who had signed on her younger sister.  She had a few small parts in film, credited as Marie Blake.  She is probably most known in film for her role as Sally the phone operator in the Dr. Kildare series.  However, she left MGM in the late forties to persue other career oppertunities.


Blossom continued her career onto Broadway and television, being best known as Grandmama, the mother of Gomez Adams on the TV show The Adams Family during the mid 1960s.


Her husband Clarence worked as a night manager at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for several years before his death in 1960.  She retired to the Motion Picture Country Home for the last years of her life. Blossom died on January 14, 1978 at 82 years old in Los Angles, California of natural causes.  She was interned in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, near Los Angeles.  She and Clarence had no children.


Blossom Rock has also been credited as a source in Sharon Rich's Sweethearts biography of her sister and Nelson Eddy.





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