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America's Shining Soprano

Creative Challenge

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As a writer myself, I came up with this idea to see if this would help get Jeanette (as well as one of her co-stars Nelson Eddy) out into the public.  What exactly is the challenge? Well, you must write something Jeanette/Nelson related.  You can write poems, stories, scripts, even do artwork.  An example of what you could do is write a script for an alternative ending to one of thier movies.  This does not have to always be fictional.  If you want to write of an expirance you can also.  I will link the entries on this page and if it is a personal expirance it will go on the Fan Messages page.  To enter your submission send it to with the subject heading as Jeanette/Nelson Writer's Challenge.

Moonlight and Pretzels by Sokorra Lewis

The long line outside the theater
Do not deter the many fans
Of the moving film pictures
That is the only enjoyment many of us have

We all go to see the showings of our favorite films
And see our favorite actors from Chevalier to Eddy
Ladies like Jeanette and Barbara become common faces to us
As we watch the movies of times gone by

Movies are our only entertainment these days
So the lines do not bother us
We can see the Show again
When they show it in an hour

Tonight we wait to see
Moonlight and Pretzels
In it is black and white glory
And forgot about our troubles for awhile
Immersing our selves in fantasy