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America's Shining Soprano

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Why do you like Jeanette MacDonald? Well here are some answers from fans on why they like Jeanette and what she means to them.

From Ginny...

Jeanette is the type of woman all little girls should look up to.  Her screen image is of strength and independence, two characteristics women really need to acquire to get them through a man's world during both her time and ours.  Her beauty on film, her joys, her laughter and that lilting voice just lifts you into her world.  She was one of the few actresses of her time that was given roles that test the men playing opposite her.  I know of no films of the 30's and 40's where the woman and the man get an equal amount of brow beating and insults onto each other like the MacDonald and Eddy films.  The women were really strong in this era, stronger than any other and usually got the upper hand -- so it's amazing that Nelson was able to still have control in their relationships on screen and I think Jeanette let him have that type of screen persona.  Not often do you see equal relationships like that and Jeanette on her own was just as wonderful.  100 years of Jeanette.  Thanks Jeanette, for the love, the laughter, and the tears!

From Eleanor....
I first fell in love with Jeanette -- not for her voice or her melting smile or her irresistible sense of humor -- but for the amazing way she wore costumes and clothes.  I was a costume designer and just flipped over how she could imperceptibly adjust her shoulders or maneuver a cumbersome skirt with ease to show off the costumer's creation to maximum advantage.  She MADE the clothes she wore!  Once captivated by this skill, I remained to be enchanted by her uniqueness and irresistibility (if there is such a word) as a performer.

From Joani...

At the beginning of this year, disappointed in new movies, I rented Rose Marie & Naughty Marietta from a video store.  I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed these musicals and desired to see more.  I immediately bought all 8 of the movies they made together and more!

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy were mesmerizing on screen.  There was nothing more romantic than their duets.  The way they looked at each other and the way they sang to each other was magical.  Sparks flew!  While Nelson Eddy had a magnificent voice, Jeanette MacDonald as his partner brought out the best in his ability to act.  While Jeanette was a natural actress, Nelson inspired her to sing clearly.  Not only able to sing, they were also elegant dancers.

My regret is that we don't have movie musicals of this kind today.  My happiness is that we can watch these movies of the past over and over--enjoying every minute of the talents of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

From Dorothy....
Jeanette MacDonald had it..that star quality that can't be bought, or learned or measured. Nelson Eddy had it , too and when you put together two perfect voices, unsurpassed separately but sheer magic in unison, you have the most unbeatable team in cinema history.

This legend called Jeanette was a stage presence from the age of 3, and by 27 she was stealing the spotlight from screen veterans that included that very chaming Frenchman, Maurice Chevalier. Then, in 1935, the golden soprano met the lush lyric baritone in "Naughty Marietta" and history was made.

JeanetteMacDonaldandNelsonEddy became one long word to mean beauty, romance and great music in 8 motion pictures and magic in an era so sorely in need of it.

You left us over 38 years ago, Jeanette, but your music and your legacy lives on.

Happy 100th birthday!

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