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Jeanette MacDonald FAQ


1. Who is Jeanette MacDonald?

Jeanette is a popular singer-actor from the 1920s and 1930s. She starred in many MGM operettas and Paramount musicals.

2. Did she really hate Nelson Eddy?

This is a controversial question. There are people who say she did; some people say they were good friends and even some who believe that there was a romance. It all depends on how you look at. Most figure that they were indeed friends. There is various books that have varying view points on this matter and I recommend reading them all before deciding where you stand on it.

3. Did Jeanette do anything other than films?

Yes she did. Before her film career Jeanette was a chorus girl and afterwards she did many radio programs as well as plays and operas. She also made many television appearances

4 . What did she do before he went into movies?

She grew up in Philadelphia PA and was a chorus girl in Broadway musicals.

5. Did Jeanette have any children?

Jeanette had no children with her husband Gene Raymond.

6. When was she on radio?

Jeanette did many radio appearances in the 1930s with Nelson Eddy. She continued to perform on radio till her death.

7. Did Jeanette have a fan club? Does she still have one and can I join?

Yes she did. The Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club is being reformed currently and if you would like to join you can contact the group via the following methods:

1. Online:

2. Offline: Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club
1617 S.W. Indian Trail
Topeka, KS 66604
President........……..: Clara Rhoades
Vice-President……..: Tessa Williams

8. When and where was Jeanette born?

Jeanette was born to Anna and Daniel MacDonald in Philadelphia on June 18, 1903. Thoughout her life she has had various birth dates but due to common belief as well as new baptismal papers found it has been considered 1903. She would have been 100 this year.

9. Was Jeanette ever married?

Yes. Jeanette was married to actor Gene Raymond. They were married in Los Angeles at Wilshire Methodist Church on June 16, 1937. Her wedding party included follow stars Ginger Rogers and Fay Wray.

10. When did Jeanette die and what of?

Jeanette died of a heart attack awaiting a heart surgery on January 14, 1965 in Houston Texas.

11. Where is Jeanette buried? Is it near Nelson?

Jeanette was interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Nelson was buried near his wife and mother in Hollywood Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood, California.

12. Who is Gene Raymond?

Gene Raymond is Jeanette’s husband. He was an actor as well. He was born August 13, 1908 as Raymond Guion. He was a child Broadway actor and when he started into films changed his name to Gene Raymond. He married Jeanette in 1937 in Los Angeles. After her death in 1965 he continued to participate in the Jeanette Fan club. He remarried on September 8, 1974 to Nel Bently Hees who he remained married to till her death in 1995. He died on May 3, 1998 in Los Angeles of pneumonia. He was interred in the same cemetery as his first wife.

13. How many films did Jeanette MacDonald do?

She did 32 for MGM and Paramount from 1929 till 1949.

14. How many films did she do with Nelson Eddy?

Eight. Naughty Marietta, Rosemarie, Maytime, Girl of The Golden West, Sweethearts, New Moon, Bittersweet, and I Married an Angel.

15. Did she do any films with actor husband Gene Raymond?

Yes. MGM’s 1941 Smilin’ Though.


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