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Nelson Eddy FAQ


1. Who is Nelson Eddy

Nelson Eddy is a popular singer-actor from the 1930s. He starred in many MGM operettas.

2. Did he really hate Jeanette MacDonald?

This is a controversial question. There are people who say he did, some peoplesay they were good friends and even some who believe that there was a romance. It all depends on how you look at. Most figure that they were indeed friends. There is various books that have varying view points on this matter andI recommend reading them all before deciding where you stand on it.

3. Did Nelson do anything other than films?

Yes, he did. He was a very popular singer and had a sold out club tour for many years before he died. He also did some Opera and radio.

4.What did he do before he went into movies?

He was a journalist for a time and then went into opera. He also did radio and concerts.

5. Who is Gale Sherwood?

Gale is his singing partner during his club-act. She sang with him for fourteen years. She did many TV appearances with him including Desert Song.

6. Did Nelson have any children?

Nelson and his wife Ann Franklin had no children. He did have a stepson from her previous marriage.

7. You mean Nelson was in Opera? I thought Jeanette was the opera singer?

Nelson was indeed in opera. He did opera prior to his movie career while Jeanette did opera post-movies.

8. When was he on radio?

Nelson did radio throughout his life. He did it before the movie career and after. He was very popular on radio. For more information I suggest reading Larry Kiner’s Bio-discography, which lists his radio appearances.

9.Why was he so stiff in films?

Honestly, this is a personal opinion that I do not share, but apparently Nelson has gotten the reputation of being “Stiff” in his roles. I recommend watching a couple of his movies before falling into this common belief.

10. Were their fan clubs out on them back then? Who ran them? Are they still around, ortheir children still around?

Yes, Nelson had fan clubs. His first one was disbanded as per his request at his time of death. A few years letter the Nelson Eddy Appreciation Society was formed. However I don’t know who was in charge of the former club or if they or their children are still around. To contact the Nelson Eddy Appreciation Society you can mail to:
Perry Pickering
1106 McAdoo Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21207
If you want to join They ask that you send to the address above the following:
• Your Name
• Your Address
• Check for $17.00 (Dues for one year)
• 1”x1” Photo (Optional)
• Short paragraph about yourself to be used onthe Meet the Members page. (Optional)

11. What is Nelson’s favorite of his films.

Well so far research is pointing to Naughty Marietta as his favorite film.

12. Whenand where was Nelson born?

Nelson Eddy was born to Caroline and William Eddy in Providence Rhode Island on
June29, 1903.

13. Was Nelson ever married?

Yes. Nelson was married to Ann Franklin. They were married in Las Vegas to avoid the press on January 19, 1939

14. When did Nelson die and what of?

Nelson suffered a severe stroke while on stage during a show in Florida. He was declared dead the next day: March 6, 1967. He was sixty-five years old

15. Where is Nelson buried? Is it near Jeanette?

Nelson is buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California next to his wife and mother. Jeanette was interred in a crypt at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California near where her husband Gene Raymond was interred in 1998.


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