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America's Shining Soprano

Jeanette Updates

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Updates: August 1, 2008
1. New Layout/background design
2. New homepage phtograph
3. Corrections on several pages (spelling, formating etc)
4. New Videos
Updates: March  14, 2008
Not so long this time was it?:)
1. Correction of spelling on front page (Thanks Daniel!!)
2. New Articles Page for Post Death articles
3. New Articles added
4. New Blog page for Blog Mentions
5. New Blogs added
6. Review Link added
7. Video added
8. News Updated
9. Corrections to Press Clipings
10. Books Updated
11. Photo Gallery 2 added
12. Photo Gallery 3 added
Updates: March 9, 2008
Arg.  Another long time between updates.  Should do better then this.
1. New Layout
2. New Front pictures
3. Corrections to Contact page
4. Books page Reformatted
5. New books added
6. Groups Added
7. Deleted extra links page
8. Sister sites updated
9.  Fan Section updated
Updates: July 9, 2007
I would like to first appologise for the long time between updates.  I've been busy with school and other real life activaties and let my various websites be neglected for awhile.  Hopefully there will be more frequent updates.
1. Changed Layout of website.
2. Corrected and added new info for Contact page
3. Removed Groups that no longer exist from Groups page.
4. Removed link from Gene Raymond page due to the webmaster of the linked site requesting that I do so.
5. Changed the opening on the Intro page
6. Corrected some links on the Sister Site page.
7.Obits page added
8. Video links page added
9. Added links, corrected or removed broken links on links page
10. New pictures
11. Correction of email links
12. New leading man added to list
13. Revised fan section
14. Revised Gene Raymond Biography
15. News updated
16. Revised Filmography page
17. Blossom Rock page added.
Updates: August 7, 2005
1. Changed Layout.
2. Updated Contact Me Page
3. Biography added
4. Filmography updated with Spotlight list
5. Jeanette on TV page deleted
6. Cleaned up and organized the Navigation
Updates:  June 9, 2005
1.Gene Page (Links corrected)
2. Contact Page (Email Change)
3. Jeanette on TV (Now current till June 30)
4. News ( Nelson & Jeanette Marathon)
5. Leading Men (corrections and links added)
6. Related Links (corrections and edited descriptions)
7. Sister Sites (correction of broken/missing links)
8. Layout (Now it is red!)
Updates: June 28, 2004
1.Corrections made on FAQ (Thanks to Gio for the correction)
2. Thank You page updated
3. News Updated
4.Filmography changed and updated from IMDB
5. Links page now has descriptions for some of the links.
6. Jeanette on TV page opened
7. Leading Men updated with new names
Updates October 13, 2003
1.  counter changed