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America's Shining Soprano

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I love to hear what you have to say about my site. If you have any comments, questions corrections or additions that I should add, please email or instant message me. I love any form of critical reviews.  Well, as long as they aren't flames but that's a general dislike.

I can be reached by email at various locations depending on where I am at the moment. My most common addresses are, and and all can be used. All I ask is that you put in the subject line of the email something to tell me this is related to the site. I unfortunately get a lot of Spam and I do not want to delete your email because I think it might be Spam.

I can also be contacted by instant messenger. This also depends on where I am at. Most of the time I use SokorraKeva on AOL/AIM. But when I am at some locations I also use MSN messenger using my third email address and Yahoo! Messenger using the name Jaylenno1 (which has no reference to the late-night comedian, but to the Beatle. Didn't realize the confusion that would cause till later). I would love to talk to any Jeanette fan on the messenger.

I am also on several online Journals and blog communites: Insane Journal  and Livejournal mostly.  The second one is my main Journal/Blog and is friends-only, which means to see the majority of the entries there, you have to add me as a friend and comment on the public entry for me to add you to my friends list. I have a Myspace but prefer to keep that one personal at the time being.

I look forward to hearing from you,

 Website Maintainer