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America's Shining Soprano

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Jeanette stared in many movies and therefore had many talented male co-stars.  From Nelson Eddy to Frank Morgan there are a variety of stars.  This page is dedicated to the talented gentlemen that shared the screen with Jeanette

Maurice Chevalier ( credited to The Maurice Chevalier Website)

Gene Raymond (Credited to Eleanor K. Dugan)

Nelson Eddy

Frank Morgan (credited to Arabella and Co)

Maurice Chevalier
Maurice was the first of Jeanette's co-stars and stared in the most movies with Jeanette bar Nelson Eddy.  Four films - five if you include the french version of The Merry Widow were done together.  These were all Pre-code and Pre-Eddy films and many involved Jeanette in negligees. Their last film together, The Merry Widow, did not have that as a costume option.
Frank Morgan
Frank was often in the films as a  secondary character, often the comic relief.  He was the oddball Governor Gaspard d'Annard in Naughty Marietta,  the play producer Felix Lehman in Sweethearts, Cornelius Collier Jr in Broadway Serenade.  And of course...he is the Wizard of Oz!
Nelson Eddy
How can you talk about Jeanette without mentioning Nelson Eddy?  They stared in eight films together, some of which have been historic (how many films have replicated the Indian Love Call?).  Their movies ranged from westerns (Girl of the Golden West) to historicals (Naughty Marietta, New Moon, Bittersweet, I married an Angel) to romances (Rosemarie, Maytime, Sweethearts).  They had wonderful chemestry together and often have gotten fans from the other.  They are forever America's Sweethearts. 
For more on Nelson, visit our sister site: At the Balalaika
Gene Raymond
Not only was he her leading man on screen in Smilin' Though he was her husband.  They were married in 1937 and were married till her death in 1965.  Gene went to Jeanette's Fanclub meetings till his own death in 1998
Please see our Gene page for more information about Gene Raymond
Clark Gable
Clark stared with Jeanette in San Francisco as Blacky, and we all know him as Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind. 
John Berrymore
He was her admired teacher in Maytime.  He also happens to be related to actors Drew Berrymore and Lionel Berrymore (who stared as Nelson Eddy's father in Let Freedom Ring.)
Spencer Tracy
Spencer was another star in San Francisco, but he is well known for other films such as Father of The Bride, Guess Who's coming For Dinner, and many others.
Other of Jeanette's Co-stars

Dennis King
Jack Oakie
William Austin
John Garrick
Jack Buchanan
Reginald Denny
Edmund Lowe
Victor McLaglen
Roland Young
Ramon Novarro
Allen Jones
George Raft
Robert Young
Jose Iturbi
Lloyd Nolan
Lew Ayres

If you have more information about the stars listed on this page or you think I have missed a co-star please contact me.