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America's Shining Soprano

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This page is where you can find updated news information about Jeanette MacDonald.  I update this page as soon as I get information about her.  This page was started on July 26, 2003 and shall have current news from them onward.

New England Light Opera Puts on Play about Jeanette (January 2008)
The New England Light Opera has put on "Yes Yes Jeanette" a opera about Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.  It is described on thier website as "A Musical Fantasy on Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy" 
Roxy Cinema Celebrates 70 years, opened with Jeanette (June 2007)

Cinema hits 70th birthday

THE curtain has risen on a new landmark anniversary for Ulverston’s Roxy Cinema.

The cinema opened on Monday June 21, 1937, and has celebrated its 70th anniversary of showing films.

The Roxy was built at the junction of County Street, as it was then called, and Brogden Street, on the site of the old County Mews.

The Roxy still remains one of the town’s historic landmarks.

Roxy cinema boss, Charles Morris, said: “We hope the Roxy continues for another 70 years.

“It’s proving a success. We’ve certainly turned it around since we took over the Roxy nine months ago.”

Opened during the Coronation year of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the art deco cinema on Brogden Street is the last surviving film house in Ulverston.

The Roxy was the 46th cinema designed by Manchester-based acclaimed theatre architects Drury and Gomersall.

It was owned by leading cinema showman in the Lakes, James Brennan, who had seven cinemas in the area, including the Royalty in Barrow and the Roxy in Dalton.

The Roxy was built by the Rainey brothers of Barrow.

The cinema was soon taken over by Henry Simpson whose family ran it until 1974 when it was acquired by the late John Sail and his son Andrew of Brooks Wilkinson Ltd.

Since the grand opening on June 21 1937, the Roxy seems to have never lost its charm.

The opening night offering was Rose Marie, starring Nelson Eddy and regular screen partner Jeanette MacDonald.

The Roxy is now run by South Lakes businessman Charles Morris, who hopes to work his magic on the popular cinema as the new leaseholder.

Early in May the Roxy Bingo Club closed down but the cinema is continuing and thriving showing all the latest flicks.

Nelson & Jeanette Birthday Film Marathon (June 10, 2005)
On June 29, 2005, there will be a marathon once again to celebrate the birthdays of the two stars.  THey will be showing several of her films with Nelson Eddy and a one-hour special on thier career together.
Nelson Eddy Marathon (June 28, 2004)
On Tuesday (June 29) there will be a Nelson Eddy Marathon in honer of his birthday.  Jeanette, being the other lead in many of his movies shall be featured in all the spotlighted movies.  Her birthday was earlier in the month.
Film Showing (June 1, 2004)
The Capitolfest at the Capitol Theatre in Rome, New York will include a 35MM showing of Jeanette in "Monte Carlo" on Sunday August 15th.
Sweethearts Chat gets Blog!
The chat got a blog recently so transcripts can be posted hot from the chat.
Jeanette celebrates her 100th birthday!
This year has been the year of Jeanette's 100th birthday.  TCM had a marathon showing her movies and Philadelpha had a party.  The Article on Jeanette from the Philadelpha paper is located in the Press Clippings section.
This site in fact was started to celebrate the 100th birthday of Jeanette MacDonald.

Please send any news to