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America's Shining Soprano

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This site was created a few years ago after I got introduced to him by my grandmother.  Its, in a way, the mother-site of America's Shining Soprano.  It contains pictures, news items, links and more.
This is my first major site.  It is dedicated to my favorite muscial group, The Beatles.  It is full of pictures, bios, links, fanfiction, fun stuff, filmographies, lyrics and more.  It hasn't been updated in a long time but most of the information is about the past anyway and Hopefully I shall get to reorganizeing it shortly.
This is my personal site.  It's currently going under alot of work to showcase not only my writing, but my artwork and graphic abilities as a graphic designer, photographer and webdesigner.
This is currently un-updated because I lost the password as well as people have stopped contact with me.  I can not archieve the fanfiction without the help of the writers.  Of course with the problems with it is becoming a problem.  This is for StarWars Prequel Fanfiction.
Once upon a time, the Nelson and Jeanette Yahoo group would gather to discuss Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald every sunday evening at 8 EST.  However, that has not happened in a while due to the moderators who worked the messingers have been taken away due to Real Life matters.  It is unknown if the chats will begin again.  Transcripts are located on the Sweethearts Chat website and on the Marietta Message Board.
Hollywood Legend
This website I created using ONLY HTML. It is for my senior project.  It is hosted by our affliate ReelJewels.  Here you will find information about the Studio System, The Production Codes and various other elements of Classic Hollywood.  Also compares it to Modern Practices.  EDIT:  This website was lost several years ago.  I am currently working on creating a new web version.  However, many of the articles and subjects discussed on this website can be found at my weblog and also discussed on the message board that accompanied the site.